You know that feeling you get when some idiot goes into your stream, making wrongful assumptions of what you like because you drew a request that caters to a certain fandom you don’t care much for to begin with? And then saying that Madoka is a comedy because of the “goofy art shifts” it uses sometimes? And Gundam isn’t dark even though it’s about war, death and mass genocide with robots? And that he acted rude and disrespectful when you asked him not to share certain links?

Yeah, fuck that guy. I’ll ban him next time he pops up. That’ll learn him.

can u draw fluttershy as a human and make her hot
Lightmage - Last night’s Livestream (apparently this dude likes to troll at other streams)
Livestream sucks

It is the most ineffective, sadistic, pathetic, buggy and cruel excuse for a streaming service I’ve ever used. That is all.